The note in Care's Room is written by a character who never identifies themselves, except in the first person "I".


The identity of this character is currently unknown. The note mentions "You", Care, Wife, and Tiara in the third person, discluding them. Theories include:

  • Rainer - Rainer is a likely candidate as a similar note written by him is present in Petscop 9, confronting an unnamed "You" who may be the same person as the Care's room note, though no dialogue from "You" is quoted in the Petscop 9 note, meaning we can't observe whether the intended recipients of the two notes share the same text color. A problem with this theory is that Rainer almost always signs his works with "-Rainer, Newmaker", which the writer of the Care's Room note does not.
  • Michael Hammond - Mike is the only child not mentioned in the note, and he was confirmed to be the brother of Care by Care A's description in Petscop 11, giving him a clear means to observe the rest of his family. However, Michael was deceased by 1995, and was only around 7 years old at the time, making it unlikely he wrote the note.


"I have a guess at which child you'll pick next. When you find her room, the passage to my right will lead to her. She'll appear from the darkness, limping, and I'll shoot her in the head" (E3 - 8:21)[1]


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