"This is the website... judging by all of the text. Wish I could read it.... What even is this?"
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"Who are you?"
This article's name is conjectural, and based off of a fan name. Its contents refer to something that has no verified name.
This article covers "You" as it is mentioned by the Narrator, Paul. For "You" as it is mentioned in Petscop, see "You" (As Mentioned in Game).

Unknown person consistently mentioned by the narrator, Paul. The narrator talks to this person as if they are the only person watching the video, as if the video was intended only for them.


"Alright so, this is just to prove to you that I'm not lying about this game I found"[1]

"When you come home next month, and hopefully you're feeling a little more enthusiastic about that now, we can investigate this together, and maybe you'll find stuff I can't find here."[2]


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