This article covers "You" as it is mentioned in Petscop. For "You" as it is mentioned by the Narrator, Paul, see "You" (As Mentioned by Narrator).


A comparison of the font colors used by Randice and by You

A note in Care's Room addresses a character known only as "You", this character's name is never mentioned. The note's intended recipient speaks in unique green text, is married to the Wife, and is "secretly very excited" upon learning that Care isn't growing eyebrows.

It is unknown which, if any, of the named characters this note refers to; Notably, the only other character with green text is Randice, who's name is shown in green on the note at the entrance of Even Care, albeit with an inverted gradient of light to dark green from that of "You". This character could possibly be Marvin as when he murdered Tiara, he wanted her back. Care has no eyebrows, and neither did Tiara.


"Your wife says, 'Care isn't growing eyebrows'"
"You say, "That's a puzzle.""[1]


This sounds decidedly as though it is not referring to "you" literally, but rather another entity from a first-person point of view.

It is perhaps negligible but present throughout the videos in YouTube auto-captions, (YOU) appears during the silent parts of the videos. While this can be excused as a glitch/error in the auto-captions there is the possibility it is gamed to produce it.


  1. Care's Room
" you can see that the game is apparently unfinished, because there's nothing over here."
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