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Anna's flower signature from Petscop 24.

Anna is the wife of Marvin, Carrie Mark's mother, and Michael Hammond's aunt. She was first mentioned as the "wife" in Petscop 3 and is referred to throughout the series. Her name was revealed in Petscop 17.

Her text color is blue. In notes and text written by her, she usually adds a space before punctuation.


Anna, as the wife, is first mentioned in the note in Care's room in the Child Library, with the note quoting her:

Your wife says, "Care isn't growing eyebrows.".

She also speaks in the house in Petscop 11, talking to someone who has arrived for Christmas:

"Is this a present? Who is it for?"
"Can I use the bathroom?"
"Of course."

The note in the living room

Later, after the time period changes in the house, there is a note on the wall that can be interacted with:

My husband may come here after 6:00 pm . Please stay overnight if you can.
  Thank you so so so much.

A flower symbol appears at the end of the note, which can be later found on the Petscop Kids scene on Petscop 24.


Anna's current last name may be Mark, and her maiden name Leskowitz, making her related to Lina Leskowitz.

Anna's note may be addressed to a nanny or babysitter for Care. While it's unknown why, clearly the desperation in this note indicates that the wife doesn't like her husband or Care doesn't like him. In addition, the wife was right to assume that someone would come, because later in Care's room when a clock strikes 6:00 pm, Marvin breaks in and kidnaps Care.

In Petscop 24, It is shown that Anna is the aunt of Michael Hammond. After the kid's names, a note from her appears, which implies that it was written before Michael celebrated his 7th birthday. She tells to Michael that she got a black present for him, and that he should thank his big brother, her aunt, and Carrie Mark, this means that Michael and Care are cousins. As the note ends, she tells him not to shake the black box, whatever he does, which could mean there may be a dog inside the box. The flower she uses as a signature appears at the end, and as the music ends, the recording turns black, and ends.

On the Official Wingdings Font, the symbol | is replaced with ✿︎, also known as the Forget-Me-Not Flower or Scorpion Grass.