• Dakarihakari


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  • ChiakiNanami314

    Hi, you may have noticed I'm new here and I have done a bit of improving here and there. I might try and shoulder the reponsibility to creat Petscop 22 and Petscop 23 along with any possible documents needed to be used for these articles. Feel free to help me out.

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  • Daddyllucifer

    New Here

    February 2, 2020 by Daddyllucifer

    Howdy, the names Lucifer, and I recently finished watching Petscop. I came here to look at theories, and discus different findings, but this wiki seems a bit dead...

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  • Bluey52

    Sheriff Domestic

    December 5, 2019 by Bluey52

    so does anyone want to talk about sheriff domestic or does that count as off topic

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  • TVdude85

    Just reviving them for a short period of time. Might add something important later.

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  • Karasuneth

    This was an odd observation and connection I feel might result of something. Paul in Strange situation, as it stands, is seemingly stuck, with no ideas of progression.

    Strange situation is set taking place during Care's 5th birthday - November 12, 1997. Yet it is also November 12, 2017. Paul plays in the 2017 version, but he somehow also influences the 1997 version. (This is shown where he runs into the parents' bedroom with no issue, but Care is stated to have run into a door.) With lack of progression, it appears that Paul has hit a dead end. Petscop 16 onwards seems to be looking for ideas on how to progress the game, and finding some hidden content.

    However, what's shown in Petscop 20 might have given Paul a hint on how to progress his f…

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  • AnimatedGalaxy


    January 18, 2019 by AnimatedGalaxy

    I’m here!


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  • Majoras revenge!!!

    I made a post on this issue in January, though after I had checked the list of sysops on the 29th of January, a user by the name of Jaybirdnerd obtained admin status, resolving the issue; Unfortunately, Jaybirdnerd was only active on the wiki for two days, essentially leaving us in the same predicament as before:

    All of our admins have been inactive for over 60 days. There are numerous problems we face as a result of this, including the inability to ban vandals or modify the site (IE: We cannot alter the tab icon for the wiki, change the top navigation links, or make links to specific pages automatically render in a certain color like with Care's page).

    I would like to ask the Wikia staff to give me bureaucrat status so I can appoint some de…

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  • Achkids


    March 26, 2018 by Achkids
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  • ItssYessii


    February 26, 2018 by ItssYessii


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  • Majoras revenge!!!

    I have been meaning to make a blog on this, our admins, Petscopinvestigator, Camwood777, and the wiki's founder Dreamish have all been inactive for well over 90 days, and as a result are considered to be inactive. Without any admins, we are vulnerable to spam, vandalism, trolling, flaming, etc. and we have no way to expel vandals and other such individuals that may damage our wiki and drive away potential contributors. Valiant efforts have been made by contributers such as Guywholikesediting to undo vandal edits, but an admin is necessary to do so efficiently and ban the vandal users. As per the guidelines of Wikia central, we should, as a community, have a discussion on who to appoint as bureaucrat to manage the wiki from now on, unless o…

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  • Jaybirdnerd

    hi if you're reading this please help me by adding stuff from the petscop document to the petscop wiki, i'd appreciate it a lot

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  • Jakeyhanna

    The cycle theory

    September 24, 2017 by Jakeyhanna

    Petscop caught my attention for many reasons, I have had time in copious amounts to analyse this series, which has brought me to the theory I’m about to share with you. I’m going to make one statement very clear from the start.

    You might think otherwise, but I do not believe that Candace Newmaker is the subject of Petscop. I believe that she is a part, but she is not the storyline. The first thing I will address is what my entire theory is based on. Time loops. I believe that Paul is playing as a man at the end stage of his life, looking into his past. Obviously I haven’t figured everything out because the series is most definitely not finished. I will go through each time loop I have identified at explain them.

    Stage one: Toneth + Randice +…

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  • HanselElGato


    April 27, 2017 by HanselElGato

    This is interesting

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