The Candace Newmaker Connection theory is one of the most prominent theories in regards to Petscop.

The general crux of this theory is links to the Candace Newmaker incident, through the use of keywords such as “Rebirth”, "Tiara", and “Newmaker”, as well as general implied imagery throughout Petscop.

Original Candace Newmaker StoryEdit

Candace Newmaker was originally named Candace Tiara Elmore, but was taken from her abusive family at age 5 and given a fresh birth certificate in 1996 with the name: Candace Elizabeth Newmaker.

She was a child going through a 2 week intensive therapy session with her mother to treat RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). Part of this therapy included a session of “rebirthing therapy”, a process which reenacts the experience of travelling out of the birth canal by being bound in sheets and pressed on by multiple adults. The child is then meant to fight their way out of the simulated birth canal to be "reborn". Despite Candace's cries for help the therapists responded apathetically to the situation, telling her to die if she couldn’t fight her way to freedom multiple times during the 70 minute session. Candace Newmaker was unable to get free and suffocated to death. Other therapies that were conducted included sitting completely still in a chair with nothing to look at for long periods of time.

Candace’s case made international news, smearing the name of rebirth therapy for a long time. It has been thought for a long time that Rebirth therapy does not actually have any scientific value, thought to be a kind of pseudo-science, and Candace's story only furthered this.

A medical law was created in some parts of the world to prevent the use of rebirthing therapy after her story had reached the news, a law which was named after her, in the form of "Candace Newmaker's Law".

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Connections in PetscopEdit

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  • The name "Newmaker" appears several times in Petscop. For example, when Paul asks the Tool "Who am I?", the Tool responds "Newmaker"; when asked "Where am I?", the Tool replies, "Under the Newmaker Plane".
  • There is also a character named Tiara, a reference to Candace Newmaker's middle name.
  • Care is a joined version of Candace Elmore, using the first two letters of her first name, and the last two of her last name.
  • Belle may be a reference to this article where it is stated that Candace Newmaker's favorite toy is a doll of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • The “Quitter” from the Quitter’s Room may be a reference to Candace. A quote from the Candace Newmaker sessions involves one of the perpetrators repeatedly referring to Candace as a "quitter":

Forty minutes into the session, Jeane asked Candace "Baby, do you want to be born?" Candace faintly responded "no"; this would ultimately be her last word. To this, Ponder replied, "Quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter! Quit, quit, quit, quit. She's a quitter! She doesn't want to live. She's a quitter."

  • The man who created rebirthing, Leonard Orr, said he came up with a lot of his ideas while in the bathtub. This could be connected to the note in Care's Room which says "You're in the bathtub thinking about her"(her being Care). Later on, the note mentions "Tiara says young people can be psychologically damaged "beyond rebirthing"".
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