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Care is a character inside Petscop. All three of her variations can be caught as pets and viewed in the pet inventory. She appears to be an in-game representation of Carrie Mark.

Care is first shown in Petscop 2 when a phone call is picked up in the Office- “Care left the room”. Additionally, Paul finds a strange note with the letters A/B/NLM corresponding to three different pictures of Care.

All three forms of Care are recognized as pets that can be caught but are distinct from the other pets in the sense that she is a "person" and can be deposited into the Child Library.

She has a Older Brother (we don't know the name)


Care is a young child with light skin and long, brown hair. She wears a grayish-pink, long-sleeved shirt and grayish-red pants. She appears to be wearing dark cream-colored footwear or is barefoot. She has downward cast eyes and does not have eyebrows, as the note in her Child Library room details how she does not grow any.


Care A

Fanmade recreated sprite

Care A is found in the house. She sits on her bed protected by a force field but is captured by the player when they break in through the window above her bed.

Care A's description reads:

When the emergency began, you were all looking for Care A.
  I told you all, we would never find Care A. When Care A goes missing, she goes missing forever.
  My brother didn’t want us to find him, because he knew we were all looking for Michael A.
  I’m back. This is my present for you.
  I started it in 1996, for Marvin.
  If you think they’re worth any effort, see if you can save Care B, or Care NLM. Care B is in the school, of course.
  Fuck you all, and fuck me as well. Merry Christmas. Check your bathroom now.
  - Rainer

Care B

Fanmade recreated sprite

Care B is found in the school basement. She is located in a dark room on the side, possibly a closet, that opens after pushing various items into the chasm in the middle of the room.

Care B's hair is extremely ruffled and messy, and she has dark circles under her eyes. Her mouth is also moved a few pixels down.

Care B's description reads:

Care B is scared and pounding on the door.
I open it. It's so dark that I can't see her.
So I pull her out, and the light hits her face.
And they won't even give me a picture of her now.
They're all scattered in graves.
And I'm a piece of shit. Here I go.

On the last page of the description, a shovel moves towards the right of the screen until it disappears, implying Rainer is going to dig up the pictures.

Care NLM

Fanmade recreated sprite

Care NLM is found below the Flower Shack in the Newmaker Plane. She is caught by setting the treadmill in Pen's room in the Even Care Demo to -1 after plucking all the petals from the flower.

Care NLM's hair is messy just like Care B's. Care NLM sits on the ground with her legs behind her, covering her face. She appears to be crying.

Care NLM's description reads:

Care NLM escaped from the school’s basement and wandered the Newmaker Plane for days.

To catch her, you had to lie, but it may not be a lie forever.
  You’re the Newmaker. You can turn Care NLM into Care A, and close the loop.

NLM most likely stands for "Nobody Loves Me."


In the Good Grief And Alas hallway, the quote "good grief and alas" is a direct quote from the Dr. Seuss book Daisy-Head Mayzie. In the book, the titular character one day grows a daisy from her head, and after getting unwanted attention due to her flower, she cries, "nobody loves me!". Care NLM is presumably heavily based on the character Daisy-Head Mayzie. Care is first discovered in the Flower Shack, which has a daisy that Paul plucks, similar to the end of the book, where Mayzie plucks a daisy. Care is also probably linked to Daisy-Head Mayzie because of the initials NLM, which most likely stand for "Nobody Loves Me."

The shovel moving across the screen in Care B's description is likely representative of Rainer grave-robbing. Part of the description explains how Rainer cannot get a picture of Care because they are buried in graves, but the rest indicates he will resort to grave-robbing to obtain one.