When you visit Care's room this is the message:

Care is missing.
You may visit her room.
Care's room is white and has flowers and paint rollers on the floor. Her bed is empty. Care has several rooms associated with her, the first is reached using the Child Library by entering the face found in The Windmill, the second by entering that face with Mike's eyebrows, and the third is found in the Frozen House.

Child Library Care's Room, no eyebrowsEdit

This room is visited in Petscop 7, there is a note on the back wall, something unique among the children's rooms. On Care's table is a box of colored pencils and a small red tool.


There is a note in her room that reads:

Your wife says, "Care isn't growing eyebrows."
You say, "That's a puzzle."
You're secretly very excited to hear this news.
You're in the bathtub thinking about her.
I have a guess at which child you'll pick next.
When you find her room, the passage to my right will lead to her.
She'll appear from the darkness, limping, and I'll shoot her in the head.
Tiara[1] says young people can be psychologically damaged "beyond rebirthing"[2].
A young person walks into your school building.
They walk in with you. You're holding their hands.
They come out crying into their hands, because nobody will love them, not ever again.
"Nobody loves me!"
They wander the Newmaker Plane[3].

Child Library Care's Room, Mike's eyebrowsEdit

In Petscop 7, Paul enters Care’s face with Mike’s eyebrows into the easel. He enters the following room:

Care with mike's eyebrows room

Upon interacting with the table, we see this:

Censored thing

On the left, we can clearly see 3 toy blocks spelling “CRE”. On the right lies a censored object.

Frozen House RoomEdit


Care has another room in the Frozen House; This room is furnished with a bed, a closet, a dresser, a high-up window with an air conditioner, and a very large, prominent clock. Strangely, to the left of the door leading out of Care's room into the main living room of the frozen house, the Table Objects can be seen, while no other external objects render until the player leaves the room.

In this room, Care sits on her bed, protected by some kind of forcefield, which prevents from capturing her. After the player gets stuck in the room's closet, Marvin knocks an air conditioner down from the window above Care's bed, shattering the forcefield, and catches her. The player is able to mimic Marvin to capture Care A.

Theories Edit

It's possible the crayons on her table are related to the drawings of Blue Tool in the Tool Room.

The Note Edit

While the note in Care's room seems very cryptic at first, it starts to make sense once you piece things together. Note: This is my own interpretation of the note, I could be very wrong about what it means:

  1. The wife (Care’s mom?) seems concerned when she notices Care isn’t growing eyebrows. If Care is plucking her own eyebrows, then it seems like the wife is not aware of her disorder[4].
  2. The husband acts like he doesn’t know why Care doesn’t have eyebrows.
  3. Here we see that the husband actually does know why, and that he takes pleasure in it.
  4. This further emphasizes that the husband thinks about what he’s doing to Care all the time, almost obsessively.
  5. This message in particular is confusing. I’m guessing the husband is moving on from abusing Care to another child (maybe adopting a new one?). (CH: The note could be referring to which child's room Paul will choose next)
  6. I’m not sure who “her” is, probably whoever the husband decides to abuse next. The only other female character we know of is Tiara. The passage to my right might be talking about the strange dark passages in the back wall of each bedroom.
  7. This seems more like a metaphor than a literal message. Once he finds his next target, he will break them even more than they already are (possibly until death).
  8. Here we are initially introduced to the name Tiara, it seems like Tiara is speaking like a therapist here, but that goes against other theories.
  9. This part of the note seems to tell a separate story. We can assume the young person is Care, because of the yellow “Nobody loves me!”.
  10. The plural “hands” seems slightly weird, but I’m not sure if it’s significant.
  11. Care comes out crying, possibly because of her eyebrows.
  12. This connects Care to the A/B/NLM note, as well as the Dr. Seuss story.
  13. Not sure exactly what the meaning of this is. The note seems to be talking about a story that happened in real life, but as far as we know the Newmaker Plane only exists inside the game. “Newmaker Plane” might be a metaphor for something else.

Take for a moment the use of the first person perspective here which this doesn’t take into account.

“Your wife” is speaking of eyebrows. “You” answer, then secretly are pleased, then think of Care.

Then “I” guess who you will think of next. The first person perspective makes it seem as though the writer of the note is guessing. Then you find her room, and take the path to this same person or thing’s right, and then whatever or whoever this is shoots them in the head.

Pink Tool said that when the PS1 is on, Marvin will pick up tool and use it to hurt them. “I will shoot them in the head” could this be the perspective of Tool?

Care's Room With Mike's EyebrowsEdit

The objects on this room's floor and wall seem to be mostly flower related (a common theme of Care’s). The dark objects on her floor look kind of like gears, but they could also be flowers or the sun. The longer objects appear to be flower stems. She also appears to have roads on her wall, similar to the roads on Mike without eyebrow’s floor.

Care with mike's eyebrows

Care’s room with eyebrows also has a mannequin on the bed. She appears to wear a blue baseball cap. (Possibly unrelated, but Mystery Man also kind of looks like he’s wearing a baseball cap). It’s not clear if she has hair or not. She also seems quite a bit shorter than Mike without eyebrows.

On the table, it’s strange that there is a block missing, it’s possible the other block is behind the censored box, spelling out a message. The censored box has been a huge subject of debate. There does seem to be a slight red glow protruding from the bottom of the black box.

Based on Paul’s reaction, and the message displayed at the end of Petscop 7, most people agree that the object that’s censored is probably not something violent, sexual, or disturbing. Many believe it to be some kind of message, possibly a message revealing the personal information of someone involved with the game or the child abuse cases surrounding it. However, it is important to note that whatever this object is, it would not be particularly out of place in any other child’s bedroom, according to Paul.

References Edit

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  4. It's speculated that Care may have Trichotillomania - Care