The collectible counter

Collectibles are unnamed objects collected throughout Petscop by the player, a score is kept by the game of how many have been obtained. Collectibles can usually be found spinning on the ground, ready to be picked up if walked on by the player, but they can also be physically present and attached to something else, needing to be pried free to be collected.

In The Windmill, they can be found in a heap around the Windmill's internal workings and cause it to spin the wrong direction, Paul has to use Silver Tool to collect them and return the windmill to normal working order, giving him 50 collectibles. In the Frozen House, the Table Objects seem to be ensnared by them, and Paul must capture Light Blue Tool in a bucket and use it to harvest them, giving him 15 collectibles.

Collectibles come in the following forms:

  • Green rings
  • Light blue cones
  • Purple prisms
  • Silver-green warped polyhedrons
  • Pink shapes

The collectible counter can be used to keep track of when Paul starts a new save, as he does in Petscop 13.

As of Petscop 13, Paul has 383 collectibles, Belle has 101, and the person investigating the school in Petscop 11 has 425.

Theories Edit

The collectibles could be be the "1000 pieces" Pink Tool says Marvin wants for the "machine beyond (the) school basement stairway". If so, Paul has to collect 617 more pieces for Marvin (as of Petscop 13). Alternatively, the characters can collectively obtain the 1000 needed.

Belle's starting position has been inferred to be the Quitter's Room, as she has no collectibles when she is there.