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The Demo Area is a very unfinished and glitchy Area. Not much is known of what this area is supposed to be. During Petscop 11, Paul enters the bathroom found in 1 of the 3 Frozen Houses. He walks into a bathtub, the game then reloads back to the menu screen for Petscop, before the camera cuts to a road and follow said road until reaching the player character and Marvin, who communicate through button presses, supposedly on the second controller in the case of the player.

Paul gives no commentary for the Demo Area of Petscop 11 or 12, but returns to speaking in Petscop 13's demo sequence, at first making it unclear whether the game is playing itself (as "Demo Area" would imply) or if Paul is still playing the game normally and simply not saying anything; If the latter is the case, Paul's ability to communicate with Marvin via button presses is suspicious. Later, it's revealed that Paul had lost the video (though not the audio) of Petscop 13 but that gameplay is recorded and replayed in Demo Mode. He used this fact to overlay the audio over a Demo version of his recording that appeared by chance. This is also used extensively to explore otherwise inaccessible areas, most notably locked doors in the Frozen Houses.

Marvin enters the School and the player follows him, inside the school there is a bizarre and out-of-place first person perspective with the player character overlayed on the screen. Green Tool hovers around the screen and seems to be able to be controlled with the left analog stick, but sometimes stays in place, possibly locked from moving with a button press.

After the player wanders around collecting Collectibles and failing to open a locker, when the screen goes black briefly and cuts back to Paul in the Frozen House, no longer in demo mode. Paul asks "what?" and then says "that was an experience". Later, Paul goes back to the bathroom and the game cuts back to the demo area. The player walks into a room where the perspective is back to normal and Marvin gives the player the Needles Piano to play. The player plays poorly and the video ends.

The Demo Area's "DEMO" text remains on screen throughout the entirety of Petscop 12 and Petscop 13, even after Paul creates a new save and does not leave Even Care to venture into the Newmaker Plane in the first place.