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Screenshot 2018-03-13 at 12.00.21 PM.png Demo recordings are an input playback tool in Petscop showcased on multiple occasions. Demos are first referenced by Paul in Petscop 6, where he refers to the game doing a "pre-recorded thing" when he leaves his console alone.[1] They are first shown in videos starting with Petscop 9. The game itself references that inputs get recorded, through the demo-playback version of Even Care shown in Petscop 13.

Demos are playbacks of saved recordings with the "Demo Rot." setting set to ON, which presumably refers to being enabled in the rotation of what demos are selected to automatically play. These recordings automatically play on the title screen after idling for an unknown period of time. All demo recordings can be found in the recordings menu.

When a demo is playing, a "DEMO" sign is on the screen that flashes every few seconds. This is usually at the top of the screen, but is moved to the bottom of the screen in certain areas, such as in front of the school or in Roneth's room. If the pause menu is opened during a demo recording, the message on the menu will be "Demo Recording". The "Quit Game" button does not appear in the pause menu in demos (except in Petscop 23).

Due to the nature of demo playbacks taking automatically recorded inputs, some demos contain synchronized events that can be matched up between episodes. While almost all instances of demo recordings are typically showing the same inputs regardless of location, the demo playback shown in Petscop 9 holds an exception where the timing of an action-button (Paul plucking the petals of the flower in Petscop 2) is used to control timing of directional movements (walking on the treadmill in Pen's room).

In some instances, as shown in the Petscop videos, the demo recordings play back in different generations than they were recorded in, changing without player input. This is used as an intended gameplay mechanic in some circumstances, making inputs that only function properly in demo playback (or possibly recording playback in general) to "solve" a puzzle. For example, making inputs that get recorded in a generation where the master bedroom door is closed in the house that completes certain tasks inside the master bedroom in a generation where the door is open (which is loaded during demo playback), is required to enter the garage for the first time and make progress.


Demos are first shown in the videos at the beginning of Petscop 9. This demo follows a player in Odd Care, picking up pieces as they navigate from the upper entrance in the first room to the treadmill in Pen's room.

Petscop 11 contains two instances of demos, showing a different unknown player (see Pall) visiting the school. The first is shown after a cut from Paul's gameplay, and involves "driving" to the school in a cutscene, to interacting with Marvin using the gamepad language, to entering the school and exploring the first floor, collecting pieces and interacting with the locker. The second demo (which may still be part of the first) shows the player, still on the first floor, entering a classroom to meet Marvin and play the Needles Piano.

Petscop 12 is entirely footage of Tiara, starting "locked" in the right side of the Quitter's Room. She is forced to snap to mirror the movements of a different player with a Pyramid Head (Paul, using his movements from Petscop 10) entering the left side of the room, and is stuck like this until the player leaves the room and they collide, letting her regain control as the Pyramid Head disappears. On her own, she explores the hidden game area both under and on the Newmaker Plane collecting pieces as an unknown narrator talks to her through prior-left messages, calling her Belle. At one point, Marvin is encountered on top of the Newmaker Plane, replicating his movements from the first demo of Petscop 11 and freezing at the point that he would have entered the school.

Petscop 13 is also entirely footage of a demo playback, but it is the first instance of Paul's commentary being included. As he later explains in Petscop 14, the footage from this episode was originally lost, only retaining his commentary audio, but demo recordings played back his inputs on two separate occasions, allowing him to get the footage back. In the first demo, he is pushing the paint bucket in the house onto the road to catch a teal TOOL, then bringing the TOOL back to dismantle a device outside Care's room. In the second demo, he uses a bucket to catch Roneth for the first time, and see what happens when he catches all pets available in Even Care.

Petscop 14 has some independent demos, but also instances of demos being overlaid on past live gameplay, as Paul explores rooms of the house being different in demo recordings to record applicable inputs to solve puzzles specific to demo "versions" of the house see (generations) and showing his live gameplay vs. the demos. The video starts with a demo of Marvin exploring the master bedroom. Instances of demos in the rest of the video are of Paul experimenting to get the right inputs to solve a puzzle only possible when the door to the master bedroom is open, only available in the version of the house in the demo.

Petscop 15 is a full demo playback, showing the player from the demos shown in Petscop 11 now exploring the second floor of the school. They later enter a classroom, finding Marvin who tells them to wait as he leaves and brings back Tiara (who he calls Belle, but Tiara protests this). After Marvin leaves, Tiara teaches the player a code to access Draw Mode.

Demo recording playback is not revisited until Petscop 22, though it is only a short clip of the tunnel cutscene.

Petscop 23 revisits it entirely, where almost all of the episode is a long playback of a demo recording. The player visits and explores the third floor of the school, including a classroom showing representations of the 8 testing rooms. Through interactions with Marvin and Tiara, the player gains the code for the locker. The player then enters and explores the school basement, catches Care B, and enters the machine room, encountering both Marvin and Tiara. Marvin forces the player to put Care B into the machine and play the Needles Piano, but the player appears to sabotage the procedure. After gaining an egg "pet", the player leaves the basement, puts the "Care" egg into the locker with the other egg, and leaves the school. After stopping in front of the bench, the Newmaker Plane's fog turns blue and the demo fades to white, automatically stopping with a loading screen before going back to the title screen.


  1. "Like I, I leave my PlayStation, and it comes, comes out and, uh, does this whole pre-recorded thing." -Paul, Petscop 6, 11:55
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