Right next the Mike’s grave, there is a strange shack with a basement. If you enter the ground floor of the shack, you find a giant daisy that has broken through the floor. This flower is connected to the Dr. Seuss story. When Paul plucks the petals from this flower, one of two sound effects is played, alternating, and the screen is tinted red slightly every other time. These both probably reference the “loves me” “loves me not” game that children play and that is referenced in the Dr. Seuss story. When Paul plucks all the flowers from the daisy, the final petal lands on “loves me not”, which is probably what causes Care to turn into a glitchy mess.

In the basement of the shack we find a strange crying girl. This girl is suspected to be Care. She appears to be kneeling directly in front of the daisy. Whereas in the Dr. Seuss story the girl has a flower growing from her head, the flower in the basement appears to be coming from the ground behind Care (although the imagery is definitely intentional). She appears to be sitting on a strange pedestal that lowers each time a petal is plucked. Before all the petals are plucked, she is shown covering her face and crying, exactly like the A/B/NLM note. After the petals are plucked, she turns into a glitchy mess. It’s unclear whether this means Care is dead.

After Paul changes the treadmill in Pen's room to -1, the girl returns to normal but at a level that Paul can touch her and catch her like a Pet, revealing that her name is Care NLM.