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The gamepad language, or P2 to TALK mode, is a form of communication inside Petscop that uses a second controller connected to the PlayStation to communicate using a phonetics-based system.

It is used in Petscop 11, Petscop 15, Petscop 23, and Petscop Soundtrack.


The PlayStation Controller buttons on its gamepad have set combinations that refer to a phonetic. These phonetic combinations refer to a dictionary table that output words that have the given phonetics. Errors in input (including words not in the dictionary table) will result in a "Not In Table" error output.

Inputs are not case-sensitive.


Only showing known combinations.

Lead Combination Result IPA Example Used in
PS-R2.png PS-cross.png 
R2 + Cross
long "U" tune 11: music, too, do

23: room, you
OST: new, house, together

PS-R2.png PS-square.png 
R2 + Square
"puh" p put 11: pall, play(s), tripped, stop

15: present, press, player
23: help

PS-R2.png PS-circle.png 
R2 + Circle
"tuh" t turn 11: tripped, lost, stop, tiara, too, it, right, next, time

15: sit, present, not, nifty, what
23: put
OST: waiting, seat, wait, investigate, together

PS-R2.png PS-triangle.png 
R2 + Triangle
"buh" b book 11: baby, become, bad

15: bell
OST: remember, being, born, back, be

PS-R2.png PS-left.png 
R2 + Left
"th" θ theme 11: thanks

OST: together

PS-R2.png PS-right.png 
R2 + Right
alt "th"
ð other 15: the, this

OST: there

PS-R2.png PS-up.png 
R2 + Up
"ff" f fast 11: funny, for, fell

15: nifty
23: fuck
OST: friend, family

PS-R2.png PS-down.png 
R2 + Down
"vv" v very 11: lovely

15: marvin*
OST: driving, driver, investigate

PS-R2.png PS-start.png 
R2 + Start
"duh" d door 11: melody, and, bad, do, sad

OST: smuggled, could, friend

PS-R1.png PS-cross.png 
R1 + Cross
long "a" ei bay 11: play(s), baby, and, ok[ay]

15: player
OST: waiting, away, wait, investigate[1]

PS-R1.png PS-circle.png 
R1 + Circle
long "e" bee 11: funny, music, baby, she, become, melody, lovely

15: here, tiara, nifty
OST: boss (lina)[2], remember, being, seat, me, be, family, we

PS-R1.png PS-triangle.png 
R1 + Triangle
short "i" ɪ kiss 11: music, will, is, it, tripped

15: marvin*, sit, this, nifty
23: in
OST: waiting, being, driving, family, investigate

PS-R1.png PS-right.png 
R1 + Right
short "oo" ʊ 23: put

OST: could

PS-R1.png PS-up.png 
R1 + Up
long "o" əʊ coal 11: hello, ok

15: no
OST: born, your,

PS-L2.png PS-cross.png 
L2 + Cross
"mm" m make 11: music, become, melody, time

15: marvin*, am
23: come, i'm, room
OST: remember, smuggled, me, family

PS-L2.png PS-square.png 
L2 + Square
"nn" n new 11: funny, thanks, and, next

15: marvin*, present, not, nifty, no, one
23: in
OST: boss (lina)[2], son, born, new, friend, can, investigate

PS-L2.png PS-circle.png 
L2 + Circle
"rr" r road 11: for, tripped, sorry, tiara, right

15: marvin*, here, present, press
23: are, room
OST: there, remember, born, driving, your, driver, friend

PS-L2.png PS-triangle.png 
L2 + Triangle
"luh" l look 11: hello, hell, pall, play(s), will, melody, lovely, fell, lost

15: bell, player
23: help
OST: boss (lina)[2], smuggled, family

PS-L2.png PS-left.png 
L2 + Left
short "u" ʌ buck 11: funny

15: the, what, one
23: fuck
OST: son, smuggled, away

PS-L2.png PS-up.png 
L2 + Up
"y" j yes 23: you

OST: your

PS-L2.png PS-down.png 
L2 + Down
"hh" h hat 11: hello, hell, ha

15: here
23: help
OST: her,

PS-L2.png PS-start.png 
L2 + Start
"wuh" w wind 11: will

15: what, one
OST: waiting, away, wait, we

PS-L1.png PS-cross.png 
L1 + Cross
occ. "zz"
s sip 11: thanks, is, lost, stop, sorry, plays, next, sad

15: sit, this, press
OST: son, smuggled, house, seat, investigate

PS-L1.png PS-square.png 
L1 + Square
"zz" z fuse 11: music

15: present

PS-L1.png PS-triangle.png 
L1 + Triangle
"sh" ʃ shut 11: she
PS-L1.png PS-left.png 
L1 + Left
"ng" ŋ sing OST: waiting, being, driving
PS-L1.png PS-right.png 
L1 + Right
"gh" g give OST: smuggled, investigate, together
PS-L1.png PS-up.png 
L1 + Up
"jh" just OST: driving, driver
PS-L1.png PS-down.png 
L1 + Down
"kuh" k cash 11: music, become, thanks, next, ok

23: come, fuck
OST: back, could, can

PS-L1.png PS-start.png 
L1 + Start
"ch" ʈʃ chime 11: tripped
"ah" ɒ bar 11: ha, sorry, tiara

15: marvin*, not
23: are

short "a" æ cap 11: thanks, bad, sad

OST: house, back

"aw" ɔ: call 11: pall, for, lost
short "e" e bet 11: hello, hell, melody, fell, next

15: present, bell, press
23: help
OST: remember, friend, investigate, together

"er" ɚ player 15: player[1]

OST: her, remember, driver, together

long "i" time 11: right, time

15: i
23: i'm
OST: driving, driver

"a" 15: am

OST: there, family, can

"uh" ə bun 11: become, melody, lovely, tiara

23: come
OST: boss (lina)[2]


Only Marvin, "Pall", and Belle have been seen using the P2 to TALK system. Marvin appears to be the most experienced with the system, inputting words the fastest. "Pall" is the slowest, and their errors indicate inexperience. Belle inputs the combinations at a midrange speed (though faster in Petscop Soundtrack), likely to having some time in use.

Most names are not in the dictionary table. "Marvin" results in an error. Some names such as "Paul" and "Belle" have homophones such as "pall" and "bell", respectively, that are output instead. Others such as "Tiara" are otherwise actual words. The one known exception case is "Lina", though it outputs as "Boss".

Strange use cases are documented on List of errors or inaccuracies in Petscop.




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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 This is a special case where the combination spells out "Lina", but outputs as "boss".