House Garage

Full view of the garage.

The garage is a room in the house. It is initially locked, but can be unlocked using the garage key. Entering the garage under regular gameplay appears to crash the game and activate Strange situation, but you can visit the room normally once it has been activated. The room itself is very dark, as the garage door remains closed throughout most of the time it appears. The only light source in the room is from a Tarnacop computer screen on top of a desk, this computer can also be interacted with, which closer displays its desktop and keyboard. Close to the computer there is a fallen yellow office chair, along with a rake and shovel in the bottom left corner. An orange car appears in Petscop 16, possibly being Marvin's own.


The garage first appears in Petscop 14 once Strange situation has activated, the room appears to be a pre-rendered image in gameplay. Paul walks up and interacts with the computer, this opens an internet browser with a "Petscop Discovery Pages" website presented in it. Only a few parts of the website are partially shown, though a blue TOOL can seen on one of the pages. The computer then displays the Player character in front of the bench close to the School, Paul leaves the room shortly after. The garage later appears in Petscop 16, with it being the room that the Burn-in Monitor is currently active in. This version of the garage has an orange car, it is likely that this is the same orange car which hit the player in Petscop 23. The garage makes a brief appearance as the Loading screen after the Newmaker Plane brightens up following the events of Paul's actions. The garage door is shown to be open and the yellow chair standing up properly, with the computer screen seemingly displaying the Garalina logo.


The shovel shown in the garage could be the same one in the Care B description, implying that Rainer used Marvin's shovel to do his work. Along with this, it seems that they could be the same shovel and rake found in the Flower Shack, and the ones spawned by Marvin during Petscop 6


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