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A concept map of the Gift Plane, possibly mirrored, from the Extra Stuff menu.

The Gift Plane is the abandoned overworld of Petscop.

The Gift Plane allegedly provided homes to over a hundred young Pets. However, the "Gift Plane Staff" had failed to remove all of the Pets from their homes. According to the sign read when the player first arrives in the Gift Plane (written by the Gift Plane Staff), there are 48 Pets remaining, although only 5 are actually available to catch in the overworld. There are 8 homes that the player is encouraged to visit.

The Gift Plane contains the Even Care home, the only level mostly completed in the surface game.

The Sound Test mentions a "Work Zone (Level 2)" as the fourth track, whose theme was apparently already heard before (thought to be the demo mode song of Even Care). It is not known what this area's theme was to be exactly, aside from the fact that it was the second level.

There are six landmarks on the map of the Gift Plane - a pink house, a empty lot, a hill, three towers on a grey lot, two large hills on a grey lot, and an empty grey lot. Counting the three towers as separate landmarks, this adds up to eight landmarks.


The Gift Plane is possibly a counterpart to the Newmaker Plane.

The word "gift" is referenced on Michael Hammond’s gravestone. The message, “Mike was a gift" could have ties to the Gift Plane, along with the fact that his headstone is shaped like the gifts found around the Gift Plane.

48 pets and 8 homes planned may have some relation to the number of testers and the 8 testing rooms.