Green Man (Paul)

In the party during Petscop 14


In the school during Petscop 15

The green man, also called "Naul/Newmaker/Paul" by the community, is the player character in Petscop.

The character has light yellow skin, (some people think it's lime green) a dark green shirt, brown pants, and no shoes. It has abnormally large feet, does not have arms, and also lacks the ability to open doors according to dialog in the game. Some people say that it's a duck, according to the orange beak and yellow skin. The character itself has no in-game name of its own, but is instead referred in game once by Marvin as being "Pall", it is still unclear whether that is a typo, a limitation in the chat system, or the character's actual name.

This character is also often times referred by the community as "Naul" or "Newmaker" for ease of communication, as it seems to be different characters at different times, and to separate from the actual protagonist playing the game, the person regarded as Paul.

Given the sync event in the Quitter's Room between P10 and P12 where at first during P10, Paul seems to be playing and sees a crudely drawn female face (widely speculated to be Belle) mirroring his actions in a literal mirror, until it desyncs for a moment then syncs back again. The same happens in in P12 except it's a Demo gameplay, the quitter's room is inverted, and Paul's side appears with a red pyramid shaped-head. This seems to indicate that the "Naul/Newmaker" character is the default look for any player character at any given moment, while every other character they see has a different head. It is still not sure what the significance of this is, if any.

In Petscop 14, the green man can be seen wearing a party hat and dragging a yellow balloon along with him. In Petscop 15, he briefly pulls a very strange facial expression while in the school.


The character has yellow skin, large feet, armless (or his arms are covered by the "shirt" which many think may be the blanket Candace was in or a straight jacket), some kind of upper body clothing given many names, and somewhat of a triangular shape where the mouth is/should be. Some theories point out it might be a beak, but when the character is facing right you can't see it.