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The June 5th variation of the house

The house is a major location in Petscop that is reflecting a real-life home of Anna and Marvin. Marvin's in-game counterpart also seems to be the owner of the in-game house.

In Petscop 11, Paul finds a house with a sign in front of it reading "This is a Frozen House, captured three times, exactly as it was.". The Frozen House depicts three "variations" that appear to be representations or depictions of certain events on certain dates.


The house has several rooms: a living room/kitchen, a bathroom, Care's bedroom, a master bedroom, and a garage.

Living room

The living room is the primary area of the house and contains all the entrances to other rooms.


The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house. It is initially closed during the December 1997 variation, but opens as a part of its scene. It is consistently open in the June 1997 variation.

When Paul enters the bathroom for the first time, a small cutscene plays that zooms in/out of the TV in the living room. Initially there is a ramp and symbol block here, but they are later no longer present. The guardian is reflected in the mirror.

Care's bedroom

Care's room, when the player is locked in the closet.

"Care's room redirects here. For her room in the Child Library, see Child Library.

In the house, there is a bedroom where Care A can be found; it is accessible in the June 1997 variation of the house. This room is furnished with a bed, a closet, a dresser, a high-up window with an air conditioner, and a very large, prominent clock. Strangely, to the left of the door leading out of Care's room into the main living room of the frozen house, there are objects on the table outside her room that can be seen, while no other external objects render until the player leaves the room.

In this room, Care sits on her bed, protected by some kind of forcefield, which prevents from capturing her. After the player gets stuck in the room's closet, Marvin knocks an air conditioner down from the window above Care's bed, shattering the forcefield, and catches her. The player is able to mimic Marvin to capture Care A.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is first seen at the very beginning of Petscop 14 after a completely green screen. The room has a wooden floor, with two beds and a desk on either side of the beds. The left bed is blue, and the desk next to it has framed CDs on its counter; the right bed is green, and has a statue of the windmill on the counter. Both appear interactable when the player character passes them, but in this initial scene only the windmill's interactivity is shown: When x is pressed, a short riddle about a door is told.

Later on in the video, Paul carries out a specific input in regular gameplay to allow his demo recording to access the master bedroom again. This time, there are 11 pieces on the floor, and the windmill and right desk are both gone to be replaced by a censored object. Paul interacts with the desk of cds to reveal each of the 15 frames in a 5x3 grid, which each make a sound when examined.

The bedroom is also accessible during Strange situation.


Full view of the garage.

The garage is a room in the house. It is initially locked, but can be unlocked using the garage key. Entering the garage under regular gameplay appears to crash the game and activate Strange situation, but it can be visited normally once it has been activated. The room itself is very dark, as the garage door remains closed throughout most of the time it appears. The only light source in the room is from a Tarnacop computer screen on top of a desk, this computer can also be interacted with, which closer displays its desktop and keyboard. Close to the computer there is a fallen yellow office chair, along with a rake and shovel in the bottom left corner. An orange car appears in Petscop 16, possibly being Marvin's own.

The room appears to be a pre-rendered image in gameplay.

The garage makes a brief appearance as the Loading screen after the Newmaker Plane brightens up following the events of Paul's actions. The garage door is shown to be open and the yellow chair standing up properly, with the computer screen seemingly displaying the Garalina logo.


Different variations of the house are shown, reflecting certain dates and times.

There are various calendars shown in different variations of the house that are meant to reflect the dates that each "capture" depicts.

  • The green calendar is for 1997, and reflects Care's disappearance and reappearance.
  • The gray calendar is for 2000, and reflects the other year Rainer "gave a gift" on Christmas.
  • The red calendar is likely for 2017.

Birthday party (Strange situation)

The November 12th variation of the house

Seen in Petscop 14 as part of Strange situation. It depicts a birthday party. The green and red calendars are on the wall, with the date November 12 animated on both of them. The red calendar is either of the year 1995 or 2017.

Christmas Day

The December 25th variation of the house

Paul finds the house in Petscop 11 and goes inside to find Care and be spoken to by Anna, the wife of the person mentioned by the Care's Room note (also likely written by Anna). There is a living room with a Christmas tree surrounded by presents, a bathroom with a white block inscribed with a symbol (though the block disappears after the demo recording plays out), Care's bedroom, and another door that is closed.

Care gets kidnapped

After Paul walks into the block in the bathroom, the date has changed. there are no longer Christmas decorations, there is a bucket, objects on a table covered by pieces, and a note.


Paul enters Care's bedroom which has a clock (reading 6:00), a closet, a window with an air conditioner, and Care A on a bed protected by some kind of translucent block that prevents her from being captured by the player. Paul gets locked in the closet while exploring, and Marvin busts down the air conditioner and captures Care before leaving the bedroom with the message "Care left the room.". The clock on the wall reads 6:15.

After Care's abduction, the closet door opens and the bedroom has been reset, with Care back on the bed and the air conditioner back in the window, so Paul explores the house only to see Marvin go through an inaccessible door. Paul leaves the house, finds a ladder, and mimics Marvin's capture of Care, adding her to his collection of Pets. Paul heads to the bathroom after being instructed to by Care A's description but can't see anything that has changed.