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This article is about the in-universe intended viewers of the game. For discussion regarding the out-of-universe audience of the series, see Petscop.

"Intended Audience" refers to the in-universe intended players or recipients of the game Petscop.

It seems like — uh, it's possible — this game was made, for... well, this part of the game was made for somebody to see.

- Paul, in Petscop 2

There are several people or groups of people whom the game seems to address directly throughout the game, either through recording playback or text shown in game. These often address someone as "You". Most of these appear to be from Rainer, the presumed creator of the game.



Marvin appears to be the primary character for whom the Newmaker Plane and its mysteries was created[1]. In his messages, Rainer is frequently suspicious towards him, occasionally accusing him of crimes.

Part of the message in Care's room, with Marvin's green text

The first time that the game directly addresses someone is in Petscop 3, when Paul finds a note in Care's room in the Child Library aimed at Marvin.

In Petscop 20, while Marvin's recordings are played, he is addressed through dialogue boxes by Rainer as he is questioned about a grave and Care. He is later more directly addressed when viewing the caskets.


The second character to be addressed directly is Belle in Petscop 12's demo recordings. She is talked to through dialogue messages after she is freed from the Quitter's Room and explores the Newmaker Plane. The messages to her seem equal parts cheerful and admonishing.


The third character addressed directly is Care (addressed by her full name, Carrie Mark), during Petscop 17's scene in Room Impulse. Like Belle, the messages to her are shown in dialogue boxes instead of in-world notes. Messages to her are written as if what they say is being revealed to her.

The Family

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The Family, which is suggested to also include some of the Proprietors, appears to be the intended audience for at least part of the game, most notably seen in Petscop 11. The description of Care A located in the House specifically mentions "I told you all, when Care A goes missing, she goes missing forever". The "you all" refers to a group of people, instead of an individual. Other parts of the house, taking place simultaneously in Christmas 1997 and 2000, revolve around actions of the other family members such as Anna.


The person speaking to Belle and Care in their respective dialogue boxes is possibly also Rainer.


  1. "I started it in 1996, for Marvin." from Care A's description