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Jill is a person mentioned in Petscop 14, Petscop 17 and Petscop 22. She is Carrie Mark's aunt and seemingly is the "leader" of the Proprietors.

Paul appears to know who Jill is, and is able to call her.


In Petscop 14, she is referenced by a conversation taking place between Care and her mother. "Care" accuses Jill of taking or hiding the "disk" and "discovery pages," before becoming aggressive towards her for ignoring "her". Care's mother responds in confusion to Care's outbursts, unsure of why she is talking to Jill.

According to Paul, the conversation was based off of a conversation that he had a year prior (2017) on his birthday. After seeing this conversation appear in-game, Paul is flustered and seemingly gets up to call Jill due to her being mentioned by the game.

Jill is mentioned in Petscop 22 by Paul talking to his friend when referring to “the family”. He implies that she intimidates him, and that she asked who he was making the Petscop videos for originally.