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Lina Leskowitz first made an appearance in Petscop 9, when Paul becomes the Shadow Monster Man and enters the Windmill. Atop the gears within the windmill is the translucent model of a girl, spinning and shaking, as well as a sign with a face on it, like those used at the Child Library.

Entering this face into the Child Library's easel grants Paul access to a new room, and shows another message.

You found her.
  You may visit her room.

Lina's room is mostly black and white, with a red Tool and a miniature windmill on the table. There is no figure on the bed.

In the fan-dubbed "Party Room" through the passage in Lina's Room, there is a cake with a slice missing and what seems to be a backwards 9 stuck into the top of it. On the far wall is a window that shows a park bench, a pinwheel, and a slice of cake.

In Petscop 17, after a cut while the player is walking backwards away from the House, it tells the story of a missing girl, seeming to use "you" in reference to Care.

A girl went missing around here.
Story goes, your daddy used to sit on a bench with a birthday cake, trying to lure her home.
Instead of "missing girl" signs, he put up "birthday girl" signs, promising cake to the birthday [girl.]
Of course, the birthday girl never came home, to his disappointment.
Eventually, I found out what really happened to that girl.
Want to know? Ask.

The message on Lina's gravestone

an Ask prompt comes up. The player enters "What happened to her?" and is answered with a grave slowly rising from the ground. Like Michael Hammond's grave, it has a face on it, this one matching the face found in the windmill. When prompted, a text box appears that reads:

Lina Leskowitz
  They didn't see her.

This story and message seem to refer directly back to the "Party Room", with its park bench through a window, and the birthday cake and '9'-shaped candle, as the gravestone would place Lina at nine years old, or nearly nine, when she died.

"...the game is apparently unfinished because there's nothing over here."
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