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The Locker is an interactive object that appears in Petscop 11 and Petscop 23.

The Locker has basically the function of unlocking the dial lockers located in the School, which two of them contain eggs and a note.

The dial lock

An interactive locker is represented with a dial locker prop and a jingle that identifies that the locker can be interacted with.

The locker and the lockers make their first appearance in Petscop 11, Where Paul first meets Marvin and he enters the school for the first time.

Paul, interacts with them for the first time in the episode, but he doesn't manage to open any of the lockers present in the school.

In Petscop 23 the locker makes another appearance, this time, Paul successfully manages to open the locker, and he finds an egg with a note.

Later in the episode, Paul interacts with the locker once again, and he puts the egg that he got from the school basement in the locker.


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