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Fanmade recreated sprite

Marvin Mark is a recurring character in Petscop who appears fairly regularly, and is shown to be violent and potentially dangerous. His appearance is the default player character with a distorted green head.

His text color is green.


Marvin is first introduced in Petscop 5, after Paul asks Red TOOL "Why?" in response to pink TOOL telling him to "TURN OFF PLAYSTATION". The pink TOOL responds with "MARVIN PICKS UP TOOL HURTS ME WHEN PLAYSTATION ON".

Though Marvin's name is not mentioned, a Shadow Monster Man appears in Petscop 6 accompanied by Toneth and spells out "WHERE IS MY HOUSE" "WHERE IS THE SCHOOL" and "I WILL FOLLOW" in children's letter blocks; this entity is then linked to the name "Marvin" in Petscop 7, where the Pink TOOL states "I LOVE YOU NEWMAKER PLEASE SHOW MARVIN WHERE HIS HOUSE IS".

Marvin makes his first direct appearance in Petscop 8, where he leads Paul through the hallway with the paintings of the Windmill, the House, and the School.

In Petscop 11, when Paul is locked inside the closet in Care A's room, Marvin barges in through the window, knocking down the air conditioner to abduct Care.

The loading screen showing Marvin and the Needles Piano. Appears upon entering the school for the first time.

Later in Petscop 11, Marvin is shown asking Paul to "play music for baby" using the Needles Piano.

Marvin appears briefly in Petscop 12, but does not say anything. His movements appear as if he is wandering aimlessly. When Petscop 11 and Petscop 12 are synced, it is revealed Marvin is making the same movements in both episodes up until he reaches the school door, where he then stops in place. It is unknown whether or not these two events are occurring at the same time.

In Petscop 20, Marvin's DEMO file is launched, naming the save file "MVM". During this recording, Rainer addresses Marvin directly, asking about Care's disappearance. He reveals that they're still looking for Care, as of July 10th 1997. He tells him that he should recognize the brick building, and should be looking for Lina's grave.

Petscop 23 shows the only instance of Marvin interacting with Paul outside of the game. Marvin asks Paul to show him what room he is currently in, according to the eight "ghost rooms" on the second floor of the school, and when Paul replies with "room one", he warns Paul that he will be there shortly, presumably with malicious intent. Paul tries to use the gamepad language to protest, but is cut off in the middle of a word, implying that Marvin has interrupted or harmed him in some way. Later that episode, Marvin attempts one final time to rebirth Care into Lina using Paul, the Needles Piano, and the machine beyond the school basement stairway.


According to the message from Pink TOOL, Marvin is hurting whoever is speaking through it - presumably Belle.

The phrase “MARVIN PICKS UP TOOL” is still under discussion. It could be that Marvin is using a TOOL to hurt Belle. This message might also be referring to the smaller TOOL-like objects found in Care and Mike’s Child Library rooms.

It can be noted during Petscop 23, we're briefly introduced to 8 rooms, similar to the "Ghost Room" from Petscop 16, which implies that, during the time of this demo, multiple children are kept in captivity by Marvin (as he asks Paul in what room he is; meaning there is not only him).