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Welcome to the Petscop Wiki!
This wiki is currently in the works to repair and update after being abandoned.

Have questions or need wiki staff?
Please contact at Karasuneth's message wall.

Want to help out?
The wiki is still in the process of repair, but it's getting there. More minor pages still need creation, and a lot of pages need to be reorganized.

Most importantly, the most viewed pages that have improvement or stub notices on them are a higher priority to fix.

Check out these maintenance pages to find stuff to do!

Please, DO NOT plagiarize! Articles should NOT be copy-pasted from the Comprehensive Progress Document or other Petscop documentation sources.

New policies & guidelines enforced:

  • All personal theories should be in article comments (minor thoughts) or user blog (major pieces)! Only theories largely supported with evidence or context may be included in the mainspace.
  • Pages that use fan names will be using the fan names used in the Comprehensive Progress Document.
    • Remember to mark these pages with {{FanName}}.
  • Discussions on this wiki are now optimized and intended for more casual chat, with categories for art/creations, and for memes.
  • Absolutely no doxxing or gamejacking, violations may result in a block!
    • If you have real-life connection suspicions please do not make pages for it.
    • Most of this content should be removed from articles.
  • Joke articles now disallowed. Please make these under your userspace, if you really need to make one for some reason.


  • Most episode pages need rewrites. The Petscop 1 article is a good example for how episode pages should be written.
    • Transcripts are on subpages that will be revised later.
    • Summaries do not need to go into extreme detail. What generally occurs of importance needs to be documented on the main article, with highlights, notes, and supported theories outlining anything else.
  • We are currently on hold in terms of adding information out of universe that involve Petscop's creator and his prior works until the Progress Document team makes decisions on its implementation and we fix current pages to in-universe content. Please avoid adding it to articles or making articles for it until then.