Mike's room
Mike's table

The player enters what is stated to be Mike’s bedroom in Petscop 3 around 6:30-6:40, as told by The Child Library Canvas.

When you visit his room, this is the message:

Mike is not inside right now. He is dead.
You may visit his room.
In Petscop 7, Paul enters Mike’s face without eyebrows into the easel, and we see the following bedroom:

Mike's room without eyebrows

The important things of note in this room are the blue car on the table, the roads on the carpet, and the gift boxes on the carpet.

Table Edit

On Mike's table there is an oddly shaped object that looks like a tool, and a pair of tweezers.

Theories Edit

Mike's Room Edit

The tweezers may have some importance, due to the importance of eyebrows in the case of Care.

We can also see eyeglasses on the floor, which might be an indication that Mike wears glasses.

Mike's Room Without Eyebrows Edit

Blue car

Mike is associated with gifts, as seen by his tombstone message: “Mike was a gift”. The roads and car might be related to Toneth’s description, in which Mike is mentioned, and in which a story about a dog being hit by a car is told. The toy blue car looks very similar to the blue car seen driving past at around 3:25 in Petscop 2.

Mike without eyebrows

Also possibly important to note that there is a mannequin sitting on the bed in this room. He appears to be taller than most of the other mannequins. He also appears to have longish hair that goes down over his ears. His mannequin also appears to be “standing” directly on one of the roads on the floor. It’s possible Mike’s cause of death could have been being hit by a blue car.