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Michael "Mike" Hammond is a character referenced multiple times in the series. He was 6 or 7 years old when he died in 1995.

Little information is given about Michael himself, and his actual relation with the Leskowitz - Mark families is unclear as of now.

Petscop 2

Mike's Tombstone.png

Michael Hammond (Mike) is first referred to in Petscop 2 at 4:40, when the player interacts with a grey tombstone in the Newmaker Plane with a face marked upon it. The tombstone reads:

Michael Hammond


Mike was a gift.

The name “Michael Hammond” is written in a light pink hue. The time period specified suggests that Mike was either 6 or 7 years old at his time of death.

Petscop 3

Mike is then referred to again in Petscop 3 at 6:34 when Paul inputs the face from the tombstone on the painting easel in the Child Library.


A message appears, stating:

Mike is not inside right now. He is dead.

You may visit his room.

Interestingly, the name “Mike” in this message is not written in a pink hue; however, this is consistent with the earlier use of the nickname “Mike”.

After a few minutes, the player enters Michael's Room.

His room contains an inert small red TOOL and tweezers on his table.

Petscop 6

Mike is later referenced in Petscop 6, when Paul reads the description of Toneth:

‘Funny stupid blob monster’ says Mike. That’s what it is.

Petscop 19

Michael is seen as the first play tester of Petscop. He can be seen playing through Even Care in it's oldest GEN version (GEN2)

This confirms that Mike is close to Rainer, since he is the first play tester of the game.

The recording where he appears is the recording named "mike2", where he appears playing on the earliest playable version of petscop.

He controls the guardian and he witnesses the appearance of the following text box:

"What? One of the eggs... Was in Daniel's Game??... What an unfair trick!... Have you found every egg in the office?

Captura de pantalla (129).png

His gameplay ends with him getting out of bounds in Even-Care, leading to a cut.


Mike seems to be associated with the color pink (#c391ac).


Very little is known about Mike other than his room, as well as the possible connection to his pink color. The message on his tombstone along with the gift box motif might be a reference to the Gift Plane.

Mike may have been the younger brother of Rainer, the developer of Petscop. This might explain why Mike’s tombstone is in the game, as a memorial to his brother that was lost during development. This might explain the sudden dark turn the game takes after the secret code is entered. It could also explain why the original game was never finished.

It is also possible that he may be another link to the Candace Newmaker theory, as Candace's brother was also named Michael.