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Petscop 12 and Petscop 15 showcase in their demo recordings that there appear to be multiple "players" in Petscop.

Each player appears to see themselves as the default player character while other players have their own "head". This can be noted through some demo recordings with known other players, such as the entirety of Petscop 12 (played by Belle), or the demo seen at the beginning of Petscop 14 played by Marvin.

Paul is seemingly viewed by other players as Pyramid Head due to the sync in the beginning of Petscop 12 with Paul's movements in the Quitter's Room in Petscop 10. However, this may not be specific to Paul, and may be generally representative of the current player if they do not have a specific character. The Pyramid Head character is additionally used for presumed playback instances in Room Impulse until a player is focused.

Current player Players from Current Player’s perspective
Paul Belle Marvin
Paul Head default.png Head belle.png Head marvin.png
Belle Head pyramid.png Head default.png Head marvin.png
Marvin Head pyramid.png Head belle.png Head default.png

Other players


Main article: Belle

Belle, outside of her labeled recordings from Petscop 19, plays in the demo recordings that make up Petscop 12. She also appears in Petscop 15 and Petscop 23 as viewed by other players.


Main article: Marvin

Marvin is currently only known to have played the demo recording at the beginning of Petscop 14 and throughout the entirety of Petscop 20. He otherwise appears in other gameplay on multiple occasions as viewed by other players.


Main article: Pall

"Pall" is playing in the demo recordings shown in Petscop 11, Petscop 15, and Petscop 23 that take place in the school. "Pall" phonetically sounds the same as "Paul", which may imply that they are actually Paul playing, or trying to seem like Paul playing. It is also speculated that Marvin calling the player of these demos "Pall" is possibly addressed to Paul, as he is watching the demos.

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