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The Needles Piano is an instrument given by Marvin to the player in the second demo recording of Petscop 11, resembling a spinning purple pyramid.

Marvin requests that the player "play music for baby[...]" and the object materializes, when the player picks it up a message, "PLAY NEEDLES PIANO NOW" flashes on screen. The player uses the Needles Piano to play music which Marvin calls "Lovely" but eventually the instrument's notes sour and the "piano" turns red, ending with Marvin telling the player to "do it better next time".


What a "Needles Piano" is exactly is unknown.

It could be related to one of Belle's messages in Petscop 12, "Then I put you inside the machine and played the second movement of Stravinsky's Septet on the Needles." It could be that the pyramid is the instrument used specifically to play that song.

The Needles Piano could also be related to Tool, as there is an instrument of similar shape with needles that are used to "voice" a piano. While tuning is adjusting the pitch the piano's strings vibrate at, voicing involves using a tool with needles to loosen the felt fibers of the hammers that hit the strings.

If Tool is a piano voicing tool, it could be related to how tweezers (found in Michael's Room) can change or take away someone's eyebrows, which alters the expression of a person's face. Both tweezers and a red Tool are found in Michael's room.

Tool being a piano voicing tool would also fit with many others impression of Tool being able to hurt people, as said by pink TOOL and (possibly) as seen when Paul as the "Shadow Monster Man" uses white TOOL in the windmill.