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This article is about a topic that has no widely accepted interpretation or clear details.

”Newmaker” is a title referring to select people. Rainer calls himself a Newmaker, and the red TOOL's response to the player asking “Who am I?” is “Newmaker”.

According to Care NLM’s description, the Newmaker can “close the loop” by turning Care NLM into Care A. Other intended purposes of the Newmaker are currently unknown.

The Newmaker Plane, the base location of the hidden sections of Petscop, also seem to refer to the Newmaker.

In reference to the player being called a Newmaker by the red TOOL, along with Care NLM's description, the title presumably is either being given to the current player (Paul), or a secondary intended player.


There is a possibility that the name is in reference to Candace Newmaker.