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The first empty plane of the underworld. It is a plain grassy area with the exception of a basement entrance door that appears seemingly at random.

In Petscop 4, Paul finds what he believes to be a camera pointing at a floating disc in the distance. He comes to the conclusion that the disc is where the windmill should be.

When Paul visits the disc in his shadow monster state in Petscop 9, he finds the windmill has returned.

In Petscop 11, The School, Marvin and the Gamepad language make their first appareance.

In Petscop 17, Lina Leskowitz's grave appears.

In Petscop 23, the newmaker plane after using the machine in the school basement, turns to a blue color.


If the Gift Plane is a representation of Heaven, then the Newmaker Plane is Purgatory. Both Purgatory and the Newmaker Plane are mostly empty spaces.

Newmaker plane loading

The Newmaker Plane appears in one of the secret loading screen images.[1]




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