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"Odd Care" is an alternate version of Even Care first shown in demo recordings shown in Petscop 9. It can be accessed by the player outside of demos through the party room. Paul visits it in Petscop 9 and Petscop 10.

The alternate version has a slightly different build, including closed off rooms and one "new" room found in place of the first locked door in Even Care. It uses the old Even Care music track used in generations 3 and 4. There are other slight differences, such as the first sign in the sign hallway reading somewhat differently than the version in Even Care:

When you're choosing a pet, find one that you like.
You don't have to love them right away.

Instead of "find somebody", it reads "find one".

Some interactive objects in some parts of the area affect things in the Newmaker Plane when changed in state. Various actions and errors cause game crashes or freezes in this area.


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