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This article is about the narrator of the series. For the player in general, see player character.

It is stated in the description of Petscop 1 that Paul came in to possession of Petscop by finding it. Paul never explicitly states his name, but it is the name entered in the file select screen, and the channel descriptions refer to him as Paul.

In Petscop 2, he refers to another person “coming home next month” to explore and figure out the game, so there is at least one other “real-life” character that could appear in later videos. The first four videos seem to be intended for this specific person, which explains the lack of introduction to Paul and to how he obtained the game.

The description of Petscop 5 is the first instance where Paul directly acknowledges the public audience. It is still unclear whether this is an interactive ARG or just a series of videos, but this will probably be revealed soon.

As of Petscop 6, Paul says he is unconvinced by the game's attempts to make him think it's "haunted". Regardless, if there was a way to communicate with the game in a more direct fashion, he would.

This game is trying very hard to make it seem like, uhm... Like there's an entity in it. Like a... A ghost, or an AI, trying to communicate with me. It's interesting. But you know, the way you know, that there's a ghost in a game trying to communicate with you, is if it comes out, if it stops being distant, and it comes out and you can have a, you know... A real time back and forth with it. Uh. And it stops being so one way.

The Note Edit

Main article: Petscop Note

During Petscop 1 when Paul enters Roneth‘s room the second time, a pop up appears explaining what the note that came with the game. The note reads out as followed:

For you:
Please go to my website on the sticker and also go to roneth's room and press start and press down down down down down right start

The note talks about a shadow monster man, a website and a code to the Newmaker plane, both the SMM and the code are both events that take place during Petscop but the website is never spoken of nor seen.

Theories Edit

In the description of the the Petscop 1, Paul says “The game I found”, indicating that the game was probably not given to him by someone else.

In the description of Petscop 5, Paul says “we asked [Tool] this one after the video ended” and “we were able to ask two questions”, indicating he might already be with the person mentioned in video 2. Alternatively, he could also be collaborating with them online or by phone.
Loading screen 2 - brightened

Little is known about the origin of Paul's note. The way it is formatted indicates it may have been written by two different people (the capital letters in the top half, and the strange date in the middle of the note). The website on the sticker has not been revealed or mentioned by Paul. The stairs referenced in the top half of the note might be the same stairs in one of the hidden loading screen images.

This image can be seen around 4:20 in Petscop 2. You can clearly see a staircase, a door straight ahead, and another doorway on the right with light coming from it. We can assume this is where the mystery person in the note became the “shadow monster man”.

The second half of the note may have been written by a developer of the game, considering he knew the name of one of the Pets that according to Paul is impossible to catch. Also the fact that he knew the secret button combination indicates that he has a deep knowledge of the game.

The top half of the note may have been written by a child, due to the strange capital letters, the grammatical error “turned the right”, and the phrasing “shadow monster man”.

Some people hear Paul say, "Cat what're you doing? Stupid. Ow...", in Petscop 14, leading them to believe Paul owns a cat.

Paul himself is unusually unobservant and detached from the events of the game, and has repeatedly demonstrated that he may be an example of an unreliable narrator. Whether Paul is simply naïve or deliberately misleading the audience, as well as what this means for the story is unknown.