" you can see that the game is apparently unfinished, because there's nothing over here."
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This article is about the the web-series, Petscop, as a whole. For other uses, see Petscop (disambiguation).

Petscop is a horror web-series published on the YouTube channel of the same name. It presents itself as a let's play of a fictional game called Petscop, supposedly made in 1997 for the PlayStation . Its creator or creators are unknown, but it is generally attributed as the same person who acts as the series' protagonist and narrator, who is referred to as Paul. Paul traverses each layer of the game, gradually uncovering its darker past, which is in some way related to the life of himself or his family.

Origin and Content

Channel Ownership

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Exploration (Petscop 1-5)

Marvin, Care and Rainer (Petscop 6-10)

Christmas special (Petscop 11)

Deeper layers (Petscop 12-16)

Debug menu (Petscop 17-21)


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