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This article is about the Petscop game itself, as presented in-universe. For information about the series, see Petscop. For other uses, see Petscop (disambiguation).

The Petscop title screen.

Petscop is an unreleased game, apparently developed in 1997 for the PlayStation by a company named Garalina. The game was never finished and was never released to the public.


Surface Game

The primary gameplay revolves around "catching" creatures referred to as "Pets." In order to catch Pets, the player must solve various puzzles, such as using a treadmill or pushing a bucket to a certain area. Despite the fact that they are called "Pets", the game use words such as "somebody" and "someone" to refer to them. According to the sign at the start of the game, Petscop was meant to have 48 Pets in total. There are 6 pets in total in the Even Care. It seems that the original game planned on containing 8 levels (or "homes") with 6 Pets in each level. After inputting a "cheat code" mentioned in a note that Paul found on a note with the game, the game will open a hidden portion of the game.

Hidden Game


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Game mechanics


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Needles Piano

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Demo Recording

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Draw Mode

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Title Screen

Normal Menu

The menu of Petscop contains the usual suspects: Resume Game, Options, Pets, Quit Game. But it also contains a curious option called "Book of Baby Names". There is no consensus what the meaning of this option is. In Petscop 6, Paul states and shows that "Book of Baby Names" does nothing upon selecting it. He guesses that at some point the player would be able to name their Pets, and the Book of Baby Names would give them name suggestions.

Hidden Menu

Levels and Areas

Gift Plane

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Even Care

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Work Zone

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Other levels

Newmaker Plane

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Under Plane



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The following Pets found in Even Care are:

  • Randice, a red bird-like Pet that is said to be friends with Toneth
  • Toneth, a flower-like Pet that is also said to be friends with Randice
  • Amber, a heavy ball-like Pet


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