Petscop is the first video uploaded to the Petscop account. It was uploaded on March 12th, 2017. The video description reads "The game I found".

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The narrator, Paul, records footage of an unfinished, unreleased video game to show to his friend. In Petscop, developed by Garalina for the Sony Playstation, the player is tasked with collecting 48 creatures referred to as pets from 8 different homes in an area callled The Gift Plane. However, as Paul describes in his Let's Play-style commentary, there seems to be only 1 level present in the game, a large pink building called Even Care. Inside, by solving puzzles he is able to catch the pets Amber, Pen, Randice, and Wavey, although Roneth evades capture. Referring to a note found with the game, Paul enters a cheat code which stops the game's music and replaces the exterior of Even Care with a dark expansive area. Paul theorizes that based on the note he should be able to find something there.

The video is interrupted by a sudden jump cut, after which Paul explains he managed to find a door by wandering the featureless landscape for fifteen minutes. As the player character is unable to open doors, Paul in unsure of how to continue, and asks his friend if they had any idea of what to do next.

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[SONY PlayStation 1 startup intro plays, slightly glitchy at the end]

[Garalina intro plays]

Paul: Alright, so, this is just to prove to you that I'm not lying about this game that I found.

[Paul enters "Paul"]

Paul: I'm just gonna walk you through everything that I've seen so far. And obviously it'll be exactly as I described it because this is it.

[Game loads]

[Paul interacts with sign]

The Gift Plane has closed indefinitely, and all personnel have left. If you are unaware, The Gift Plane provided homes to over a hundred young Pets.Unfortunately, we have failed to remove all of the Pets from their homes.48 Pets remain here, at the time of writing.We would strongly encourage you to visit our 8 homes and find some friends to take with you.Every Pet is uniquely valuable. You should have no problem finding somebody that you love.– The Gift Plane staff

Paul: And the first level is over here. I'm just gonna keep going a bit here so you can see that the game is apparently unfinished, because there's nothing over here.

Paul: So, I'm just gonna show you the one and only level. This actually is not the interesting part, but I'm just gonna show you; I'm gonna walk you through all this so you can see that this is exactly what I described.

[Even Care loads]

[Paul interacts with picture]

It's a picture of two friends, Toneth and Randice.Are they not cute? Give them a chance!

[Paul interacts with door]

This door is locked.

Or not, but you don't know how to open doors.

[Paul interacts with sign]

When you're choosing a pet, find somebody that you like. You don't have to love them right away.

[Paul interacts with sign]

Don't be discouraged if they run from you! They really do want a home. They're afraid. Show them that there's nothing to be afraid of.

Paul: So, the first pet is in this room.

[Paul interacts with object]

It's a trophy, "awarded to our Amber for being a real champ yesterday and today."She hasn't left her cage once!"

Paul: And, first thing you gotta do here is let her out of her cage, and she just moves to the other one.

Paul: And then you do that; take the money here.

Paul: And then, actually, you go over here, and she just does that, but if you do this: if you lock yourself in here, then he just... Amber will just run over there.

[Amber CAUGHT]

Paul: So, once you're in here, actually, you can find a little place here to walk to the other side. So that's that.

Paul: And, so, there's actually, there's another pet over here, and I can't catch this one. I've tried. This is always what happens. So, I don't know what's up with that one.

Paul: So, actually, I should show you the pause menu.

[Pause menu opened]

We hope you are enjoying the game.

Paul: So, here you can see all the pets that you've collected; that you've caught.

[Amber's module opened in Pets menu]

Amber is a young ball. She's afraid to leave home. If her home is good, this is not a problem. She is very heavy, and that makes her life a little harder, as well as yours. What's the safest place you can put her in? You should start thinking about that.

[Paul leaves menu]

Paul: Alright, so the second one here is sort of a music one.

Paul: The idea here is you have to get your clone over there to overlap with it. And I'll just cut to the chase: you just set this to...what is it? Seven.

[Treadmill set to seven]

Paul: And, just like that.


Paul: I don't totally get that one, but that's that.

Paul: Alright, so this one's kind of interesting. So, the idea is, if you run over here to catch the flower here, then you'll just get rained on.

Paul: What you're supposed to do is: whenever the flower comes over here, you notice, always comes to that exact spot over there, which you can get this bucket... to that exact spot.

Paul: Is that the spot? Yeah. And then the... then that happens and you can just catch them both that way.

[Wavey and Randice CAUGHT]

Paul: OK. So, yeah, that's it for the... actually that's everything. That's every single pet here, that I've been able to catch. So, now I'm gonna show you the part that's actually interesting.

[Cut to Roneth's room]

Paul: Alright, so I still can't catch this guy. The reason we're here is because in the note that came with this, which is short, the first line, in all capital letters... I'm gonna read it, it says: "I WALKED DOWNSTAIRS AND WHEN I GOT TO THE BOTTOM, INSTEAD OF PROCEEDING, I TURNED THE RIGHT AND BECAME A SHADOW MONSTER MAN" Below that, a date: June 13th, 1997. "For you", colon, "Please go to my website on the sticker and also go to roneth's room and press start and press down down down down down right start".

Paul: So I happen to know this is Roneth's room, because it works. So, I go here.

[Pause menu opened]

We hope you are enjoying the game.

Paul: I'm just gonna do this now. So... what is it? Down, down, down, down, down, right, start.

[Music stops; start menu exited]

Paul: Alright. So, you can see that it accepted it, and the music stopped. I'm just gonna go out this way here.

Paul: So, it appears to be the same, except, when I actually leave here, it'll be a little bit different.

Paul: Alright. So there's nothing out here, as far as I've seen. But, actually, I think there is something out here. I just haven't seen it yet. Because... it sure seems like... in this note here it sure seems like, right, I'm supposed to come out here and look at something. I haven't found anything yet, but I'm thinking if I just keep walking around here, I'm gonna find something eventually. I st—I—

[Cut to door]

Paul: Hey, so, I was talking about how I couldn't find anything out here. Well, I just found this. And, last time I came out here, I was walking around in this space, here, for over an hour. And this time I find this in less than fifteen minutes. So, this is just luck that I happened to find this. And, I think, if I were to restart my console right now, I would not be able to find this again. Probably. 'Cause I don't remember what I... what I did. You know, all the directions that I went. So... so, I'm kinda scared to... you know, I wanna keep the console on until I figure this out. The situation is that I cannot open this door. I probably can open the door, but I don't know what to do. So, I thought I would just slip this in at the end. If you think you saw something that might provide a clue, please, let me know. Alright, that's it

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