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Petscop 10 was posted on May 31, 2017. The video's length is 4 Minutes and 46 Seconds.

A transcript for this episode can be accessed at Petscop 10/Transcript.


The video starts with Paul within the Even Care Demo which still has the green key floating above his character which he obtained in Petscop 9. He then proceeds to go to the same cage area where he originally caught Amber, and proceeds to close the right gate, and then re-open it. After that he also opens up the left gate, and then heads to the door which would take you out of Even Care. While trying to do so, the door closes before he can get to it. After that the game either crashes which results in a reset, or Paul manually reset the console, as it isn't too clear which one it was.

The video cuts to the start screen, and we are shown three save files, the ones named 'Paul' and 'backup' are both labeled 'PANICSV possible corruption'. Paul chooses the first save, which brings him back to the third gift box shown in Petscop 9. He enters Amber's room to show that both gates are open, to which he remarks, 'There you go.'

The video cuts to Paul visiting the Quitter's Room, this time on the left side. Belle is now on the right side, still mirroring his moves. There is a third white box with glyphs on it on this side of the room. Paul goes to inspect it, and the video cuts out before he does.

Next Paul visits the Red TOOL, and asks, 'What month is it?' An animated calendar appears but he is unable to interact with it. He asks TOOL , 'What year is it?' and the same thing happens.

Finally, we see him ask, 'Where was the windmill?' The answer TOOL gives is censored.

The video ends there mid-scene, and is revisited with new footage in Petscop 22.



Petscop 10