One of the most relevant instances of synchronization between different episodes. This sync happens between two characters on opposite sides of a mirror in the Quitter's Room.

We are introduced to the first part of this sync in P10 when paul enters the Quitter's room from the actual side considering the "Quitter's Room" inscription on the room's floor is written normally as opposed to it's mirrored counterpart. The mirrored side appears as a child-like, crudely drawn girl's face. When the mirrored instance happens as a Demo player in P12, "Paul's" side appears as a red pyramid-shaped headed figure.

It is importante to notice that not everything is mirrored exactly as it should. One of the most obvious aspects are the huge green key paul has rotating over his head, which his mirror counterpart doesn't have. Most of the movement syncs input to input from when both parts enter the room, although only Paul reads the sign on the wall which says "Do you remember being born?". Another important aspect that differentiates the rooms is the fact that Paul's side has a white cube on the bed, with the same symbol that appears originally in the background of Amber's room.