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Petscop 13 was posted on March 11, 2018 with a video length of 7:06. The video starts off with Paul in the Frozen House, the Demo Mode icon appears in the top of the screen even though Paul is playing normally. Paul pushes the bucket around outside aimlessly while stating he needs to figure out what to do with it, then states that "It'll probably have to do with the thing- with the tool in the road," and Paul to the left of the Frozen House, where before the camera would not follow him.

Paul encounters a Light Blue Tool in the road, and it follows his movements between certain points, but stops following him if he goes too far right and ascends into the air if he goes too far left; Paul figures out that he can use this behavior to catch the Light Blue Tool in the bucket, and he does so, turning it a Dark Grey color. Paul goes back to the right, pushing the captured tool, and there is a cut between Paul pushing the bucket and entering the house[1].

After that, Paul then goes into a new file and uses the bucket normally used to capture Wavey to capture Roneth, the last pet (not counting Care) yet to be caught so far. Roneth's description reads: "Roneth is Toneth's baby half-brother. Because he's younger, he gets to learn from all of Toneth's mistakes. That's why he always looks both ways. He doesn't get into trouble. You won't have to watch him all the time. He's good."

The video cuts again, this time to Paul in Amber's room, after Paul catches Amber, he gets a note at the bottom of the screen saying, "Congratulations ... you caught every pet in Even Care (aside from Toneth, who isn't here yet). You have seen everything in the game, so far, but there will obviously be more. It's a growing organism. Your controller inputs are useful, but your feedback will be even more useful. Please leave the Playstation on when you leave. You can stand up now."

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