Petscop 16 was uploaded October 31, 2018. It has a video length of 2:40.

Petscop 16

Petscop 16


The image at the start of the video, brightened for better visibility

The video periodically switches between an alert message and what appears to be surveillance of a room.

Alert message:

No controller input has been detected for a very long time.
Family, neighbors, police, (or whoever,)
call provided phone number.
The phone number is censored, but the area code (203) can be briefly seen at 1:49. This area code is used in some areas of Connecticut.

A day before the video was uploaded, the channel's about section was changed to "Recordings of a video game.", and the profile picture was changed to a similar image as the beginning screen of Petscop 16.

Theories Edit

The image at the start of the video has been noted to look similar to the garage of the Frozen House. The object in the background could be a car, since it is in a garage. It has also been theorized to be a piano, as the Burn-in Monitor screen suggests.

"Burn-in Monitor" could refer to screen burn-in, where an image is physically burned into a monitor from prolonged display. This phenomenon can also be called ghosting, which may or may not be related to the meaning of "ghost room."

Some have speculated that the censored number is (203)-PET-SCOP. When called, the number will say that it is not in service. However, it will transition to multiple letters and numbers being said. What this means is currently unknown.

The red circle that moves at the end could be Paul, waking up from the alarm, and sitting down to play the game again.

When the red circle moves, Morse code can be heard, which is translated to “itsmum“.