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Petscop 18 was uploaded at approximately 10:15 (UTC-4) on April 21st, 2019.

A transcript for this episode can be accessed at Petscop 18/Transcript.


The video simply consists of the selection of "Extra Stuff" in a debug menu, which leads to a slideshow of early concept art. There is absolutely no dialogue except for a loud yelp near the end of the video.

  1. guardian_history
  2. amber_history
  3. randice_history
  4. toneth_history
  5. pen_history
  6. hudson_history
  7. wavey_jumping
  8. gift_plane_map
  9. the_house

guardian_history is concept art of the player character, which is named "guardian" here.

amber_history shows concept art of Amber, who was originally thought up without a face.

randice_history shows concept art of Randice, who originally didn't have a stem.

toneth_history is concept art of Toneth, who originally did not have a broken leg and had no wings.

pen_history shows that Pen originally had wide, slender legs instead of a string and no ball. He was also looking directly torwards instead of slightly to the side.

hudson_history is notable for showing what appears to be a cut pet; Hudson is a large, sun-like character that has a large frown. Hudson's final concept art (still unfinished) has a long slender spike on top, a smooth head, and a chin.

wavey_jumping shows frames of Wavey jumping in his puddle form, presumably unused. It may originally be planned for an event of Wavey jumping out of the bucket torwards Randice.

gift_plane_map is a 3D model of the map of the Gift Plane. There are six total landmarks on the map aside from the road; what appears to be two mountains, a hill, a pink building, a white lot next to the pink building, three prisms that resembles a city, and a empty lot in the top right corner.

the_house is just a 3D model of a house, which the video then stops on halfway through the video. The camera can be seen slowly orbiting and zooming in on the house for the rest of the video. At 2:03 a loud yelp can be heard.

Roneth is the only Even Care Pet not to appear in this video.


Petscop 18

Petscop 18

" you can see that the game is apparently unfinished, because there's nothing over here."
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