Petscop 20 was uploaded at approximately 15:00 (UTC-4) on April 21st, 2019.

In this episode, the "marvin" recording in the All Recordings section of the secret menu is played, and parts of subsequent auto recordings. They're presumably played by Marvin.

A transcript for this episode can be accessed at Petscop 20/Transcript.


The recordings shown progress between generations 6, 7, and 8. The initial "marvin" recording is played. It starts with a file creation titled "MVM", exploring Even Care, and entering the code from the note (after a few failed attempts at doing so).

Marvin exits Even Care into the Newmaker Plane, and wanders around it across the end of the "marvin" recording and some subsequent auto recordings still in GEN 6. Another auto recording in GEN 7 begins messages from Rainer. These explain Rainer's interest in an unmarked grave that Marvin knows the location of, and stating that Care is still missing. Marvin's speed is increased, and further GEN 7 auto recordings play of him running around the Newmaker Plane.

Another auto recording changes to GEN 8 that places Marvin in front of a basement door, which he opens and enters. He is presented with the caskets, detailing some incidents with Care. After viewing the caskets, he explores the next section, marked "Places". He then explores some of the underground area, including Mike's grave.

After a cut, Marvin is in TOOL's Room, interacting with the red TOOL. Afterwards, he interacts with the windmill screen, now with movement controls. Moving the camera up plays quiet audio of talking. Moving the camera down into the room and turning it, a symbol block is visible. The pause menu is opened and the pets menu is checked, showing Marvin with Toneth. Exiting the pets menu, the person watching the recording also pauses and returns to the Sound Test menu.


  • There are no pieces anywhere in which Marvin plays that he can collect.
  • The GEN 7 recordings take place after July 10th 1997, as Rainer notes his first messages to be written then. The GEN 8 recordings take place after November 12th 1997, as they detail events after Care returned home.
  • The first picture shown in "Places" seems to correspond with the opposite view of the party room's window.
  • The symbol block shown corresponds with the connector room (between Pen's room and Randice & Wavey's Room) of Even Care.


  • The lack of the "don't know how to open doors" message in the first room of Even Care and opening the basement door may suggest Marvin is capable of opening doors.


Petscop 20

Petscop 20


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