Petscop 4 is the fourth episode of Petscop, it was uploaded to the Petscop Youtube channel on the Seventh of April of 2017, it is only 2 minutes long and consists almost entirely of Paul showcasing his discovery of the Windmill and a strange camera in the Newmaker Plane.

The episode begins in a noticeably distinct place from the previous events of Petscop 3, some time has clearly passed between the two episodes; Paul asks the viewer if they remember what he was trying to explain yesterday (note that there was a 5-day gap between the uploads of Petscop 2 and Petscop 3), and then goes to a camera protruding out of the ground which he explains he found yesterday, and then goes on to detail that he worked out that this camera is directly above The room with the big screen that shows a windmill.

Paul follows the line of sight of the camera and discovers what appears to be a large concrete or stone foundation which seems to move back and fourth slightly. Paul says this is roughly where The Windmill should be, but he doesn't know why the Windmill isn't there.

Petscop 4

Petscop 4