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[Paul navigates up stairs near the Quitter's Room onto the Newmaker Plane]

Paul: So, if you remember what I was trying to explain yesterday, and failed to explain, um, I'm just gonna demonstrate that... to you now.


[Paul walks over to a camera]

Paul: There we go. So, I found this yesterday. And, uh, the way I understand this, is... so, we're upstairs right now. You just saw me walk up some stairs. So, if you were to imagine what is... what–what–what would be exactly below where I'm standing right now. Uh, and I worked it out, it's roughly, uh, the area where you have the big screen, uh, with the windmill.
Uh, and so I think... so, this–this, I think, is a camera. And if I, uh... walk in this direction...


[Paul walks over to the windmill base]

Paul: This is, uh, roughly, where the, uh, windmill would be. Why there isn't actually a windmill here, I don't know. Uh... It looks sort of like a placeholder for it. Uh...
But yeah, I think my understanding is correct. It's just, uh, I'm missing something. Okay, that's it.

[Video ends]
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