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"Petscop 7" was uploaded on April 29, 2017 with a video length of 9:52.

A transcript for this episode can be accessed at Petscop 7/Transcript.


The video begins with Paul in the Quitter's Room. Paul is moving back and forth, trying to trigger the desync that happened before. Paul then goes back to a corner where the shuffling of paper can be heard. Eventually, music begins playing, and Belle is no longer syncing with his movements. Shortly after the music stops, she returns. When Paul reads the "Do you remember being born?" note, there is a message, presumably from the pink TOOL, telling him to "COME HERE".

Paul goes to TOOL's Room to find the pink TOOL, who tells him to lead Marvin to his house where his daughter is, and that he wants 1000 pieces for the "machine beyond school basement stairway".

Paul goes to the Child Library to deposit a pet, but learns that only people can be accepted.

Paul enters Mike's face without eyebrows in the Child Library. The room is yellow with roads, stars, gift boxes, and something Paul can't place. On the table is a blue car and a Rubik's cube.

Paul then enters Care's face with Mike's eyebrows. The room is purple with cogs, a flower-like symbol, and some other x symbol. On the table are letter blocks (C,R, and E) and a censored object. Paul seems focused on the unknown object but can't discern whether it is abnormal or not.

The video ends with a message to the viewer that there will be other specific objects they expect to censor in the future:

We've had to cover something with a black box.
Right now we can't say why.

Some other things we're expecting to "censor" in the future:

  • "A big present with a sticker on it"
  • "Something written on the wall, in a black house"
  • "Written on a chalkboard"


Petscop 7

Petscop 7


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