Petscop 8 was uploaded May 9, 2017 with a video length of 3:59.

Synopsis Edit

The video starts with Paul in front of the underpass, going on and off the road. The cars coming out from the underpass deliberately do not hit him.

Marvin suddently appears from the underpass and leads Paul the the Hallway where he shows Paul the two pictures of the School and the House. Afterwards, he then walks into the wall to tell Paul something, then walks north and dissapears. Paul tries to follow him to the Newmaker plane but can't find him.

Cut to Paul back to the wall Marvin ran into, and he is talking on the phone with someone. He mentions there isn't a passageway now and that it might've changed since before 2004, when his mother acquired the game.

Summary Edit

The video begins with Paul in front of the underpass. He goes back and forth in front of the road and we canobserve that when Paul is on the road, no cars go by.

Suddenly, Marvin appears from the tunnel. Bewildered, Paul follows him to the Hallway where Marvin gestures to the pictures of the school and house. After seeing the pictures, Paul realizes this must be Marvin. Marvin then runs into a wall, again gesturing to Paul. Not understanding the meaning, Paul thinks Marvin is confused. Marvin, being faster than Paul, runs north and disappears.

Paul tries to follow Marvin north and climbs up to the Newmaker Plane. He wanders around but can't find anything.

There is a jump cut and Paul is talking to someone back where Marvin ran into the wall:
Yeah well the thing is, it's not.. here now. There's not even a passageway or anything.
...Can you remember when you saw this?
...Well, it could've changed between then and 2004. After 2004, my mom had it purportedly.
...Uh... Well, okay. Tha–
The end of the phone call is cut off, perhaps to avoid saying the person's name.