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Petscop Soundtrack was uploaded on November 28, 2019.

The video functions as a finale for Petscop, along with providing a soundtrack.

The description is mostly written in an in-universe perspective, describing the tracks being obtained from a "Tarnacop machine", though it also links to a resource to buy a high quality version of the soundtrack.

A transcript for this episode can be accessed at Petscop Soundtrack/Transcript.


The majority of the video consists of timestamped music tracks and sections of compiled sound effects.

At 42:03 in the video until the end, an in-game session of Belle talking to "Pall" plays out through the gamepad language.


  • Most of the SFX sections appear to play in the order of presentation in the Sound Test menu. This is not exact, as some entries are not in order.
  • SFX 1 seems to be "surface game" sound effects, while SFX 2 refers to "hidden game" sound effects.
  • There are numerous examples of unused content being shown:
    • "Work Zone", or Level 2, has a confirmed appearance to share with a loading screen from Petscop 20, although it's missing a revolving door shown in the loading screen. This same section also indirectly confirms that the music heard in Odd Care is Work Zone's.
    • "bathroom-tomb" as an unused music track.
    • Various other sound effects appear to be unused.
  • The word "Boss" in the gamepad language is displayed when the phonetic combination comes out as "Lina".
  • The thumbnail image appears to be the white sphere from the Sound Test superimposed on a pink background, which is in turn reminiscent of a loading screen with a black disc from Petscop 6. This image is also used for the Bandcamp album art, although cut in half to fit a square.
  • The bench and window in the final segment appears to be an exact mirror of the bench seen through a window in Petscop 9, indicating the two locations are on the opposite sides of the same wall.



Petscop Soundtrack