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This article's name is conjectural, and based off of a fan name. Its contents refer to something that has no verified name.

The "Proprietors" is a fan-made name referring to the current owners and managers of the Petscop YouTube channel in-universe. They are part of the Family and seemingly is lead by Jill.

The ownership was announced that it was passed from Paul to them on December 25, 2017, however there is suggestion of influence in videos before this date. It can be inferred that this group of people does not include Paul, as they had to coerce Paul to continue playing Petscop, and refer to him separately.

They claim to intend to show videos of Petscop with some content withheld, but their motives are currently unknown.


It is possible that they were the writers of the censorship message in Petscop 7.

Anna may also be one of the Proprietors, if the Christmas event in the house was solely linked to them, with her text color featured.