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"Pyramid Head" is a character first appearing in Petscop 12. Pyramid Head is the default player character, with a red pyramid as a head.

Fanmade recreated sprite

Pyramid Head is found in the Quitter's Room, and is also seen for a split second still mirroring Paul when he leaves the Quitter's Room, until they reach the same point, where Pyramid Head disappears.

In Petscop 17, Pyramid Head is used to represent the unselected player character in Room Impulse. When selected, it flashes white, and when selected again, turns into the player character. When unselected, it reverts back to its Pyramid Head form. The party hat seen on the player character seems to directly align with the pyramid's angle, also unmoving based on walk direction.


The head resembles the spinning red tetrahedron that was censored in Petscop 9, also known as "Casket 2." The two may be related.

Pyramid Head may be a representation of Paul and/or Care in-game. It may also be generally representative of the current player.