"Who are you?"
This article's name is conjectural, and based off of a fan name. Its contents refer to something that has no verified name.
"Pyramid Head" is a character appearing in Petscop 12. Pyramid Head looks similar to Paul, the only difference is that Pyramid Head has a pyramid as a head.

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is found in the quitters room and is also seen for a split second still mirroring Paul when he leaves the quitter's room, until they reach the same point, where Pyramid Head disappears.

From that Petscop perception chart , it says when you are looking from the perspective of Paul you see Belle as the quitter , you see Paul as Paul and Marvin as Marvin . When the new video upload from Petscop the Petscop 12 we are on the other side , but this time our avatar on the left hand side isn't us . Pretty weird right? Look back on to the perception chart , and look at the chart of the perspective of Belle . Paul ( our avatar ) is the Pyramid Head . That actually solves everything that who is the Pyramid Head . The pyramid Head is our own avatar Paul !