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This article's name is conjectural, and based off of a fan name. Its contents refer to something that has no verified name.


In Quitter's Room

Quitter is an entity who appears in The Quitter's Room below the Newmaker Plane and mirrors the player's movements.

In Petscop 2, Paul walks behind a bookshelf at the back of the Quitter's Room and unintentionally causes Quitter to desync, seemingly now moving by her own accord. When Paul first passes behind the bookshelf and causes Quitter to be desynced, the same sound effect that was originally heard when the door to the underground opened in the Newmaker Plane, started to play. [1]

Theories Edit

Because Quitter seems to have the same body as the player character and generally appears to be a composite of multiple images, it's possible that the AI invented her to depict a character that wasn't in the original game using existing assets.

The Candace Newmaker Connection Edit

An image that seems to be modeled after Quitter's face appears in Petscop 1, hidden in the load screen when Paul crosses from Even Care to the Newmaker Plane. Her face appears to be vertically squashed and partially obscured in this image.
Exiting even care

Load screen shown when leaving Even Care (enhanced)

It is possible that the entity obscuring Quitter's face could be vomit, or even excrement, as a transcript addressing Candice Newmaker's eventual death states:

"Twenty minutes into the [rebirthing] session, Candace had vomited and excreted inside of the sheet; she was nonetheless kept restrained."[2]

Despite this, it is also possible that the obscuring mass could be anything from a pair of hands to a simple graphics abnormality and could easily have no connection to Candace.

Both Quitter's and the Quitter's Room's names could very easily be linked to Candace Newmaker's death.

This is primarily shown when, forty minutes into the infamous rebirthing therapy session, Candace's adoptive mother, Jeane Newmaker, asked her "Baby, do you want to be born?" while she was struggling in the sheet, to which Candace weakly replied "no". In response to this, one of the two psychiatrists present, Julie Ponder, began to jeer at Candace's lack of action with the morbidly playful phrase "Quitter, quitter, quitter, quitter! Quit, quit, quit, quit, she's a quitter".[2]. Though all of this is an old theory and has been proven to not be the intentions of these details in Petscop.

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