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Roneth is one of the pets that can be caught in Even Care. His face and body do not appear to match each other, and his head turns at a set interval of a half-second.

Paul did not know how to catch Roneth until Petscop 13.

Pet description

Roneth is Toneth's baby half-brother.

Because he's younger, he gets to learn from all of Toneth's mistakes.
That's why he always looks both ways.
He doesn't get into trouble. You won't have to watch him all the time. He's good.


Roneth is first seen in Petscop 1. He is found in a narrow room, referred to as "Roneth's Room."

When Roneth is approached he moves at a fixed distance away from the player. When Roneth nears the end of the room he moves upwards instead of further back. Walking away causes Roneth to come back.

Roneth's Room.png

Roneth's method of capture is shown in Petscop 13. The player must get the bucket from Wavey and Randice's room and bring it to Roneth's room. From there the bucket must be pushed forwards until Roneth is above it. Walking back causes him to get stuck in the bucket, so the player may collect him.


In Petscop 13 it's confirmed that Roneth is Toneth's half-brother. Roneth is said to learn from Toneth's mistakes, and this is why he "always looks both ways" as can be seen in his animation. Toneth's description heavily implies he was hit by a car, which would explain why Roneth always looks both ways.


Roneth has been theorized to be the child of Toneth and Randice, as Roneth shares traits with both. "Roneth" could be a combination of the names "Randice" and "Toneth." As Roneth is Toneth's half-brother, this theory takes on a darker meaning if believed. Roneth has never been directly linked to Randice by the game itself, which should be kept in mind.